Welcome to the UW Madison Department of Horticulture where our mission has been defined as the following:  ”Through innovative programs in teaching,research, and extension we equip plant professionals and community members with the knowledge and skills to be engaged citizens and good stewards of the environment”


  • Breeding programs released improved cultivars of potato, carrot, table beet, onion
  • Research on calcium nutrition led to development of practical means to improve potato tuber internal quality
  • Research on natural lipid LPE shows potential for environmentally safe means to promote shelf life of fruits, flowers and vegetables
  • Non-chemical weed management strategies developed in organic processing vegetable production
  • Improved integrated pest management in cranberry and vegetable crops
  • Sustainability assessment programs at whole-farm level developed expanding Healthy Grown Potato program into Healthy Farms program.
  • Developed Field to Foodbank model creating systems to capture excess vegetablel production for distribution to foodbanks
  • Leading Central Sands Water Initiative to protect water resources while retaining vital agricultural industry


We are excited that you are interested in our undergraduate and graduate programs.  Please explore the information about our academics on the website and contact us if you have further questions.

Attention Prospective Graduate Students:

You can view information about our programs, admission policies, and admissions rates on the Departmental website located here or through the Graduate School website located here and here.

The Graduate School hosted three online chats for new grad students.  This was an opportunity to ask questions about enrolling in classes, paying tuition, finding funding, locating housing in Madison, and more!  Chat panelists included reps from various academic programs and the Grad School, Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, and the Office of Funding and Fellowship Resources.  Although this chat was designed to meet the needs of students who had already gained admission to the University, it will also provide useful information about student life in Madison and the transition process.  You can view the transcript from this at: http://go.wisc.edu/6n47o0.

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