Titan Arum Beginning Bloom

536659_559035500809152_2053839919_nAs of 1PM today our titan flower started to open!  It will continue to open for 6-7 hours until fully opened.  It will remain fully open for approximately 24 hours.  The best time to observe will be this afternoon and evening and then tomorrow. Feel free to stop by Thursday or Friday to experience this unique flower. We will remain open today and tomorrow until 9PM.  The live cam link

The following article is from UW Extension News & Ideas:

You’ve heard about corpse flowers, right? The ones that smell like rotting meat?

Even if you can’t experience the stink in person, you can watch this story unfold at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse on the UW-Madison campus. UW-Extension’s Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) is live streaming the plant and its many visitors.

ICS Director Eddie Loo said the request came via Eileen Nelson, outreach specialist with the UW-Madison Department of Horticulture.

“We were happy to oblige because this is an easy way for us to bring the resources of the University of Wisconsin to people throughout the state,” Loo said, joking, “I only wish we had Smell-O-Vision capabilities.”

The Titan Arum plant, which already is somewhat odiferous, is expected to bloom in the next few days. Johanna Oosterwyk, greenhouse director, said it bloomed for the first time when it was nine years old. That was in 2010, which was when the horticulture department staff named the plant “Dennis” in honor of their former colleague Dennis Stimart, who had passed away a few weeks earlier.

“He thought the Titan was pretty cool,” Oosterwyk said.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the expertise of Wayne Utke and Kevin Adamzak from ICS for facilitating the hardware to make this possible – and to Wisconsin Public Television personnel for helping us make the right connections.


The DC Smith Greenhouse is on the corner of Babcock and Linden Drives on the UW Campus. We will be open Thursday and Friday until 9PM while the Titan is in bloom.