2017 AAS Winner Started at UW Horticulture

The pepper variety named  Aji Rico F1 has been selected as a 2017 All-America Selections (AAS) Winner.

Bred by PanAmerican Seed (Ball), the variety originated in the lab of Jim Nienhuis, Professor in the Department of Horticulture.

Aji Rico is the first of its kind: a hybrid hot pepper from the Capsicum baccatum species that matures early for short-season production or early summer enjoyment. The large plant produces many thin-walled, crunchy fruits which have a narrow conical shape. Fruit matures from green to red and can be eaten at any stage. “Ají” is the term for chili in South America. These fruits have a refreshing citrus flavor and warm heat level, perfect for eating fresh or cooking into salsas or hot sauces. Simply incorporate the desired number of seeds from the pepper to add some heat. Aji also dries well for a flavorful homemade flavorful “paprika.”

All-America Selections is the oldest independent testing organization of flower and edible varieties in North America. AAS Selections have been tested for garden performance by a panel of expert judges. Varieties that perform best over all of North America become AAS National Winners.