Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council (PSGSC)



The Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council (PSGSC) was founded in 2000 by combining the graduate student councils of horticulture, agronomy, and plant breeding and plant genetics (PBPG). The PSGSC was created to foster enhanced communication and promote more social interaction among the graduate students of horticulture, agronomy, and PBPG, including those not located in the Moore/Hort /Plant Sciences building. For more information, please visit their website:

2015 PSGSC Officers

President: Curtis Frederick

Vice President: Joe Gage

Treasurer: Calli Anibas

Journal Club Chair: Guillaume Ramstein

Agronomy Representative: Stacie Schuler

PBPG Representative: Lance Snodgrass

Horticulture Representative: Terri Theisen

Plant Pathology Representative: Marian Lund