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General Information

Photo by Jeff Miller; UW-Madison, University Communications

Photo by Jeff Miller; UW-Madison, University Communications

Graduate School’s Academic Policies & Procedures 

Graduation Information

  • If you want your name to be printed in the commencement program, you must apply to graduate through your MyUW Student Center by the deadline each semester in addition to contacting your major program to request a degree warrant from the Graduate School.
  • If you need an E-warrant, please fill out this form at least three weeks before your pre-lim or completion of degree. Contact Kathryn Jones, Student Services Coordinator at if you have any questions.
  • Graduate Degree & Dissertator Eligibility Deadlines

Office of the Registrar– Information on Tuition and Fees; Please note: For many students starting in the Fall, your first paycheck as an Graduate Assistant (RA/TA/PA) will most likely arrive after your segregated fees are due.  For information on this policy, please refer to the Bursar’s Office page here.


Departmental Information

Conference Funding

In general, your faculty advisor should provide funding to support travel associated with conference attendance and research.  However, the Department of Horticulture in conjunction with the Graduate School, is pleased to offer additional funding.  The application for GSSA funding can be downloaded here. Funding request will be reviewed by the Awards and Scholarship Committee twice per semester; the deadline for 2013-2014 fiscal year is June 1st.


You can view information about E-Reimbursement here.  

If you would need to be reimbursed for any UW-Madison University expense; including travel to conferences, travel for research, purchase of item approved by your PI, etc. the Department of Horticulture uses the E-Reimbursement system.  If you are a graduate student who is currently employed by UW-Madison as an RA, PA, or TA you can access the E-Reimbursement system through your MyUW account under the service tab.

Policies and Procedures regarding reimbursement for travel and expenses can be found here.  Please note that domestic airfare should be purchased through Concur, for more details contact Ellen in the main Horticulture Office for assistance.

Documentation of conference attendance must be provided at the time of booking your airfare.  In addition, UW-Madison does not reimburse the cost of flight insurance.  Please ask questions about travel documentation in advance

Room Reservations

  • For rooms 462, 346, or 136 see Department of Agronomy in room 373.
  • For rooms 320, 472, and 247 see Horticulture Main Office Staff in 385
  • For room 351, 108, or general assignment rooms (e.g. Microbial 1420) see Horticulture Main Office Staff.  Please note that general assignment room requests go through the Office of the Registrar so they need to be made at least 7 working days in advance.

Student Grievance Policy

In the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences any student who feels unfairly treated by a member of the College of Ag & Life Sciences (CALS) faculty or staff has the right to complain about the treatment and to receive a prompt hearing.  Information regarding the grievance policy can be found on the CALS website.  Students should contact the Grievance Advisor for the Department of Horticulture which is Dr. Patrick Krysan.