Meet Our Students

Graduate Students – Summer 2015

Below is a list of graduate students who are either pursuing a degree in Horticulture or advised by a Horticulture faculty member.

Horticulture Graduate Students

Marc Amante MS Patterson
Lynn Dickman MS Bethke
Mike GeigerMichael Geiger MS Patterson
Kitt Healy MS Dawson
Matt Lemke MS Colquhoun
Andrew Maule MS Patterson
Blair Miller PHD Bussan
Terri Theisen MS Dawson Organic production of open pollinated carrots
Madeline Wimmer MS Atucha


Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics Graduate Students Advised by Horticulture Faculty


Carlos Arbizu-BerrocalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PHD Spooner  Genetic diversity and germplasm evaluation of wild and cultivated carrots (genus Daucus)
Jenny Bolivar-MedinaJenny Bolivar, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics Program, Department of Horticulture PHD Zalapa
Adam Bolton PHD Simon
Giovanny Eduardo Covarrubias Pazaran Giovanny E. Covarrubias Pazaran PHD Zalapa Cranberry Linkage Maps, Association Mapping and Future Genomic Selection in Cranberry (V. macrocarpon). Interspecific hibridization in Vaccinium Genera. Click here for Eduardo’s CV.
Christopher D’Angelochris d photo PHD Goldman Dormancy and vernalization in onion to develop an annual cycle breeding strategy
Eduardo Dominguez-Munaiz PHD Havey
Luis Diaz Garcia PHD Zalapa
Ron Dymerski PHD Weng
Curtis FrederickCurtis Frederick PHD Bethke Area of research includes breeding against defects involved with chipping potatoes and cold induced sweetening in storage.
Charlene Grahn PHD Simon
Erick Gutierrez Benites MS Nienhuis
Joseph Kasukurthi MS Nienhuis
Claire LubyClaire Luby PHD Goldman The effect of intellectual property rights on access to and sharing of plant genetic resources and diversity using carrot as a model crop.  Click here to download one of Claire’s recent publications in Sustainability.
Lynn Maher MS Goldman  Selection for geosmin (earthy taste) in table beet (Beta vulgaris)
Alex MarandAlexandre Marand PHD Jiang Plant Molecular Biology and Epigenetics
Natalie Mello MS Nienhuis
Pamela Moreno
Pamela Moreno PHD Simon Work with Daucus carota (carrots) to explore new sources of resistance to the fungus Alternaria dauci
Axel Ramirez MaderaAxel PHD Havey Fine-mapping and sequencing of the zym genomic region in cucumber and its association with spontaneous tetraploidy.  Click here to view Axel’s CV.
Lorraine Rodriguez-Bonilla PHD Zalapa
Pimchanok Satapoomin PHD Simon
Justin Schabow PHD Palta
Brandon Schlautman PHD Zalapa
Cari SchmitzCariSchmitz  PHD Endelman
Schuyler Smith PHD Endelman
Lance SnodgrassLanceSnodgrass  MS Endelman
Jesse Swiecichowski
Grad School Picture (3) MS Nienhuis Investigating the nitrogen use efficiency of snap beans
Paradee Thammapichai Paradee - Copy MS Weng
Sarah Turner PHD Simon
Yuhui WangYuhui PHD Weng
Najia Zaman PHD Krysan
Zixian Zeng PHD Jiang