Curriculum Vitae
Patrick J. Krysan
Assistant Professor
Genome Center of Wisconsin and Department of Horticulture
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Education/Academic Postions
Institution Degree/Position Department Date
Stanford University B.S. Biological Sciences ’82 – ’86
Stanford University Medical School Technician Genetics ’86 – ’89
Stanford University Medical School Ph.D. Genetics ’89 – ’93
University of Wisconsin Post-Doc Horticulture / Biotechnology ’93 – ’97
University of Wisconsin Assistant Scientist Biotechnology ’97 – ’01
University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor Genome Center / Horticulture ’02 –

Academic Awards
Award, Date
George E. Gambill Honors Scholarship. Stanford University, ’85 – ’86
B.S. degree awarded with Distinction. Stanford University, ’86
National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellowship awarded ’89
Howard Hughes Medical Institute pre-doctoral fellowship, ’89 – ’93
Arabidopsis Interdisciplinary Training Program post-doctoral fellowship, ’93 – ’94
National Science Foundation post-doctoral fellowship in plant biology, ’94 – ’97

Research Summary
Graduate school: I developed a molecluar-genetic method for studying autonomously replicating DNA sequences in human cells. I used this method to characterize the DNA sequence requirements for origin of replication function in human cells.

Post-doctoral: I developed a method for applying reverse-genetics to the plant Arabidopsis thaliana and used this method to study MAP kinase signal transduction pathways in Arabidopsis. The reverse-genetic method that I developed is the basis of the Arabidopsis Knockout Facility at UW-Madison. This facility provides scientists throughout the world with access to Arabidopsis knockout mutants.