Program Areas

Departmental Research Topics (a representation)

  • Potato germplasm enhancement
  • Post-Harvest physiology of potato tubers
  • Potato disease resistance
  • Onion and Cucurbit genetics
  • Carrot and Garlic genetics
  • Mechanisms that regulate cell separation and cell-cell adhesion
  • Potato germplasm systematics
  • Cucumber genetics and breeding
  • Cranberry breeding, genetics and genomics
  • Applied weed ecology
  • Integrated strategies for weed management
  • Quantitative genetics and genomic selection in potato
  • Improvement of table beet, carrot and onion germplasm
  • Potato germplasm enhancement
  • Plant molecular cytogenetics
  • Structural and functional characterization of plant centromeres
  • Deciduous plant evaluations
  • Development of technologies for understanding gene function at the genomic level
  • Breeding and genetics of self-pollinated crops
  • Integration of plant breeding with developing technologies in molecular biology
  • Understanding the genetic phenomena of heterosis and genotype by environment interactions
  • Development of computer software to facilitate genetic analysis
  • Genetics, physiology & molecular biology of environmental stress resistance & cold acclimation in plants
  • Identification of plant genes for cold acclimation
  • Impact of calcium & nitrogen nutrition on potato tuber quality; storability and yield
  • Use of natural lipids to control fruit ripening, quality, storability & retardation of senescence


Individual  Labs

Extension Programs