Areas and Emphases in Research

Basic plant science

  • Functional genomics using Arabidopsis as a model system
  • Signal transduction with a focus on MAP kinase signaling pathways
  • Floral organ abcission and cell separation
  • Identification of crossing barriers in Solanum species
  • Functional characterization of plant centromeres
  • Role of natural lipids in controlling fruit ripening and quality

Germplasm development, systematics, and breeding

  • Management of US working collection of potato germplasm
  • Genome sequencing and genetic tool development in cranberry
  • Identification of valuable traits in wild Solanum germplasm
  • Development of new breeding methodologies for self pollinated crops
  • Genetics and biochemistry of culinary and nutritive factors in carrot
  • Biostatistical approaches to understanding and analyzing complex genetic datasets
  • Development of new cranberry cultivars and genetic materials for farmers and consumers
  • Breeding and genetics of potato with a focus on genomic selection and computational biology
  • Cultivar and inbred line development in vegetable crops with a focus on culinary quality
  • Human health functionality in horticultural crops
  • Species boundaries and phylogenetic relationships in potato, tomato, and carrot

 Molecular biology, crop physiology, and postharvest quality

  • Postharvest physiology and carbohydrate metabolism in potato
  • Cold acclimation and mechanisms of freezing injury in crop plants
  • Calcium and nitrogen nutrition in potato
  • Chromosome evolution in Cucurbit species
  • Cell separation and adhesion in ornamental plants and fruit crops

Edible and ornamental crop management and sustainable production

  • Fruit crop physiology, root dynamics, and cold hardiness
  • Organic production systems for vegetable crops
  • Calcium nutrition and its role in crop production and postharvest quality
  • Pesticide residues in crop production
  • Integrated strategies for weed management with a focus on environmental sustainability
  • Water management and water quality in vegetable production in Wisconsin
  • Urban and regional food systems development
  • Participatory crop research and farmer-led research programs
  • Tolerance of ornamentals to environmental stresses including deicing salts