Undergraduate Courses

Below is a list of undergraduate courses in Horticulture.  We recommend that Horticulture majors meet with their academic advisors each semester to plan their courses and to make sure that they are on track for graduation.  You can view the current four year plan here. Previous plans can be found on the CALS website.  A calendar with the Horticulture courses for Fall 2015 is available here.

To view other courses offered at the university, please visit the Course Guide.


Course Number Course Title Instructor Typically Offered Credits Notes
120* Survey of Horticulture Patterson Fall 3 Service Learning
121* Horticulture Colloquium Patterson Fall 1 None
227 Propagation of Horticultural Plants Jull Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: An intro course in botany
234** Ornamental Plants Oosterwyk Fall 3 None
261** Turf Management Soldat (Soil Science) Fall 2 Pre-Reqs: Any introductory level plant science course
262 Turfgrass Management Laboratory Soldat (Soil Science) Fall 1 Pre-Reqs: Hort 261 or concurrent enrollment
263** Landscape Plants Jull Fall 3 Pre-Reqs: An intro botany course
289 Honors Independent Study Varies By Request 1 – 2 Pre-Reqs: Enrolled in the CALS Honors Prgm & Sophomore or Junior standing; Inter-Ag 288;Form required for registration
299 Independent Study Varies Every Semester 1 – 3 Pre-Reqs: Freshmen, Sophomore or Junior standing & written consent of instructor; Form required for registration
309 Diseases of Trees and Shrubs Stanosz (Plant Path) Fall 3 Pre-Reqs: One semester of plant sci or consent of instructor
320* Environment of Horticultural Plants Palta Fall 3 Pre-Reqs: Course in intro hort or intro botany
326 Plant Nutrition Management Barak (Soil Science) Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: Soil Sci 230 or 301 and one of the following: Bot 100 or 130; Hort 120 or 122; Agron 100
328 Integrated Weed Management Varies (Agronomy) Fall 4 Pre-Reqs: Agron 100 or intro course in botany or instructor consent
332 Turfgrass Nutrient and Water Management Soldat (Soil Science) Fall Even Years (e.g. Fall 2014) 3 Pre-Reqs: Soil Sci/Hort/Agron 326
334* Greenhouse Cultivation Oosterwyk Spring 2 Pre-Reqs: Intro bot course
335 Greenhouse Cultivation Lab Oosterwyk Spring 1 Pre-Reqs: Hort 334 or concurrent enrollment
338 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology S. Kaeppler (Agronomy) Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: Botany 130 or Genetics 160 or Biocore 301 or instructor consent
339 Plant Biotechnology: Principles and Techniques I Ane(Agronomy) Fall 4 Pre-Reqs: Bot/Zoo 152 or equiv & Chem 104 or equiv
340 Plant Cell Culture and Genetic Engineering H. Kaeppler (Agronomy) Irregular 4 Pre-Reqs: Botany 130 or Botany/Zoology/Biology 152 or Zoology 102,and Chemistry 104, 109, or 116
345** Fruit Crop Production Varies Spring Even Years (e.g. Spring 2014) 3 Pre-Reqs: Hort 120 or equiv.
354 Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops JensenSturgul, & Hudelson Spring 1 Meets first week of Jan. 8 AM – 4:30 PM; Pre-Reqs: So st
370** World Vegetable Crops Goldman & Nienhuis Fall 3 Pre-Reqs: A course in horticulture and a course in biology
372*** Colloquium in Organic Agriculture Nienhuis Spring 1 Pre-Reqs: Sophomore standing
374*** Tropical Horticulture Nienhuis Fall 2 Required 2-week field trip to Costa Rica in JanuaryPre-Reqs: So st
375 Special Topics Varies Irregular 1 – 4 Pre-Reqs: Varies by topic
375 Arboriculture and Landscape Maintenance Jull Spring Even Years (e.g. Spring 2014) 3 Lab included; Pre-Reqs:Hort/LA 263 or BOT 402
399 Coordinative Internship/Cooperative Education  Varies Every Semester 1 – 8 Pre-Reqs: So, Jr or Sr st & cons supervising inst, advisor, and internship program coordinator; Forms required for registration
461 Advanced Turfgrass Management and Physiology Soldat (Soil Science) Fall Even Years (e.g. Fall 2014) 3 Pre-Reqs: Hort 261 & intro botany course
500 Molecular Biology Techniques Talaat (Vet School) Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: Biochem 501 or 621 or Genetics 466 or Bact 303, 304 or instructor consent
501 Principles of Plant Breeding Goldman & Nienhuis Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: Intro course in genetics; one year of biology
502 Techniques of Plant Breeding Goldman & Nienhuis Spring 1 Pre-Reqs: An intro course in genetics & one year of biology
524 Urban Soil and Environment Balster (Soil Science) Fall Odd Years (e.g. Fall 2013) 3 Pre-Reqs: Soil Sci 301 or 230
550 Molecular Approaches for Potential Crop Improvement Krysan Spring 3 Pre-Reqs: Biochem 501 & Genetics 466
561 Introductory Cytogenetics Jiang Spring 2 – 3 Pre-Reqs: Genetics 466
571 Statistical Methods for Bioscience I Varies (Statistics) Fall 4 Pre-Reqs: College algebra; Grad standing or instructor consent
572 Statistical Methods for Bioscience II Varies (Statistics) Spring 4 Pre-Reqs: Stats/Forestry/Hort 571
626 Mineral Nutrition of Plants Barak (Soil Science) & Spalding (Botany) Fall Even Years (e.g. Fall 2014) 3 Pre-Reqs: Botany 350 or instructor consent
681 Senior Honors Thesis Varies By Request 2 – 4 Pre-Reqs: Honors program candidacy
682 Senior Honors Thesis Varies By Request 2 – 4 Pre-Reqs: Honors program candidacy & Hort 681
699*** Special Problems Varies Every Semester 1 – 4 Pre-Reqs: Senior standing & instructor consent; Form required for registration

* Required Course for All Horticulture Majors

** Meets Breadth Requirement

*** Option for Capstone Requirement